Couples Counselors: Now You Can Finally

While Spending Less Time On Marketing

If you would like to work less, spend more time with your family and friends, and finally 
build the practice you dreamed of when you first hung up your diploma… let us show you how...
Success in life is all about where you are versus where you want to be.
If you’re not where you want to be, you won’t feel successful. Period.

And when I ask therapists,
"Are you where you want to be?" 
the conversation always goes like this…

​​“No. I’m not where I want to be.” 

Why not?

“Because my practice is not providing me with the income I need to 

🡒 Spend more time with my family
🡒 Enjoy travel, activities and hobbies
🡒 Dedicate more time to my clients and be the best I can be”

And why is your practice not providing the life you want? 

“Because I don’t have enough high-paying clients.”

What could you do to get more high-paying clients?

“More marketing.”

Why don’t you do more marketing?

 “Because I HATE it.  Networking, schmoozing, running ads, begging for referrals, learning social media and Google AdWords, writing ‘sales copy’…it all seems so…icky.”

So even if you knew how to do marketing well, you still wouldn’t want to do it?

That’s right. 

And that’s where the conversation usually ended.

But it doesn’t end there anymore. Now I can ask…

What if there were an affordable to pack your practice with high-paying clients without having to spend one more minute on “sales and marketing”?

What if there were an inexpensive, done-for-you marketing system that would transform your practice into the “lifestyle business” you always wanted it to be? Well, there is.

If you would like build a waiting list of high-paying clients…

🡒  WITHOUT spending hours on “sales and marketing” 
🡒  WITHOUT becoming an expert in SEO or Facebook or AdWords
🡒  WITHOUT shelling out hundreds or thousands to a web designer
🡒  WITHOUT becoming an email marketing expert
🡒  WITHOUT spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertising

Then keep reading. 

But first, let’s figure what it would cost do this yourself.
Here’s a SHORT list of the people and software you’ll have to hire, buy, and pay…
✓  Copywriter to write web pages, emails, lead magnets, Facebook posts, etc.
✓  Web developer to design and manage your site
✓  Social media director to write ads, run ads and track their results
✓  Email autoresponder software
✓  Graphic designer for lead magnet and other branded content
✓  Hosting for lead magnet

This would easily cost you more than $15,000.
With no guarantee that you would get more clients.
Now, for the first time ever, I’ve taken all of the marketing tools you need to grow your practice, and put them all into one DONE-FOR-YOU Solution for a Shockingly LOW Investment…

In My Elite “Done-for-You” Marketing Solution, You Get…

     > A custom, fully-functioning marketing funnel designed specifically for your practice.
    > A system for connecting you with high-paying clients who best match your specific skill set.
    > A marketing funnel that will build and promote your personal brand…while you sleep
    > A fully managed Facebook page to position you as an expert in your niche
    > An email marketing system designed and maintained for you to “nurture” prospects into high-paying clients. 

In My Elite “Done-for-You” program, we’ll take care of everything…

     1.    We will create the valuable content that will attract high-paying ideal potential clients 
     2.    We will promote that content on your Facebook page to help build your following AND your website traffic
     3.    We will design an IRRESISTIBLE client magnet, personalized and branded for your practice
     4.    We will create web pages to get you email subscribers
     5.    We will set up and maintain your entire email system
     6.    We will write emails that educate, entertain, and engage your potential clients so they see you as the trusted authority…and can’t wait to become paying clients
     7.    We will nurture relationships with them over time until they are ready to work with you

Plus, you’ll get all this valuable marketing content…

     > Tested and proven Facebook content, automatically scheduled for you each month (you don’t even need to log in to Facebook!) (a $199/month value)
    > Tested and proven Facebook ads, automatically set up and managed for you each month. (you don’t even need to log in to Ads Manager!) (a $199/month value)
    > Tested and proven web pages designed to attract psychotherapy clients, hosted on our own server (you don’t even need a website!) ($599 value)
​​​​​     > Tested and proven client magnet to attract email sign ups (professionally designed and branded for you!) ($299 value)
    > Tested and proven email system to convert email subscribers into high-value clients (you just have to answer the phone!) ($999 value)
    > Tested and proven ongoing email to subscribers, branded for your practice (you don’t have to do a thing) ($299/month value)

Total Value of everything you get (12 months): $10,261

And remember, the biggest advantage of my Elite Done-For-You Program is that you don’t have to spend any time on marketing. 

That’s’ a savings of at least 3 – 5 hours each week! 

How much is that worth to you?

3 hours X $125 per hour X 50 weeks = $18,750 
Total program value: $29,011

Plus, as I mentioned above, doing all this yourself could easily cost you $15,000

Add ALL THIS UP and you’re looking at nearly $45,000 in value. 

But my program won’t cost you $45,000. 

Or even $10,000. 

Or even $5,000. 

If you’re accepted into my Flagship Offer, Your Price is only $249/month with a $100 application fee and a $897 set up fee.  

      Or about $9 per day. 

That’s less than two Starbuck’s venti lattes per day!

Isn’t your future worth a couple of lattes per day? 


     1.    “About Me” webpage written by professional copywriter ($500 Value)
     2.    My most popular training program, “How to Master the Initial Client Consultation” ($197 Value)
     3.    “How I Work” webpage written by professional copywriter ($500 Value)

     Total Value of Bonuses - $1,197

WARNING: Do Not Invest in this Program If...

     > If you’re locked into being a generalist 
     > If you have plenty of time on your hands to do your own marketing
     > If you a deep and obsessive interest in sales and marketing 
     > If the price of the program will take food off your table
     > If finally breaking free from the $30K trap is not worth $249/per month to you

Do You Qualify? 
         Must be a couples counselor
         Must have a Facebook page
         Must have a physical address for your practice
         Must have an email dedicated for client use.

If you feel you qualify...
     1.    Click here to apply now.
     2.    Complete the 3-step application
     3.    Pay a $100 non-refundable application fee
     4.    Schedule your 15-minute eligibility interview with Jennifer
     5.    Enroll in the program
     6.    Start getting new clients!​​​
This is What You’ve Been Waiting for Your Whole Career and Now it’s Here!
Don’t Miss Out

 This is the ONLY affordable, simple, done-for-your marketing system for therapists for…
          • Attracting high-profit, self-pay couples
          • Building a waiting list that gives you the leverage you need to raise your fees
          • Positions you as the go-to authority for your ideal clients
          • Frees you up to spend more time with your friends and family
          • Gets you off the rigid, low-paying assembly-line insurance model  
          • Gifts you with time to pursue your dreams. 
          • Allows you to finally have the “lifestyle” business you’ve dreamed of
All without spending time on self-promotion, marketing, or sales. 

Imagine, in just a couple of weeks your phone could be ringing with new clients seeking your expertise!

Imagine your client calendar as full as you want it to be.

Imagine having the flexibility to treat your clients the way YOU feel they need to be treated, not the way the powers that be say you must treat them

Imagine being able to say “no” to clients who do not meet your specific criteria

Imagine being “in the zone” at every session 

Imagine being able to bring maximum healing in minimum time!